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Why Soccer?

Click to find out why soccer is the best introduction to sports for your toddler


Super cute and functional too!

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Kickstart! Toddler Soccer was founded in 2010 by two coaches who shared a passion for the sport of soccer, but more importantly, a passion for kids.  While training soccer players to compete at the highest levels of the game, they recognized that the development of an athlete started soon after toddlers could get on two feet and begin to move.  They also understood that soccer was the perfect sport for beginning athletes because:

They could play it at the youngest age groups due to it's ease of understanding (run, kick, score), and the rules of the game are simple to learn and follow.  Soccer is also a great developer of key athletic attributes for other sports:  Speed, agility, quickness, balance, vision, creativity, fitness, and more. 

Because of this, they created a curriculum that focuses on toddlers learning how to refine their large motor skills while slowly introducing soccer fundamentals.  This is all done by participating in various FUN activities each class.

Each SEMESTER consists of 7 classes that meet ONCE PER WEEK.  
We have multiple locations, days, and times for you to choose from to make it convenient for your family.  

Because REPETITION is so important at these ages, SEMESTERS repeat throughout the year allowing your child to develop and grow with the program.  Players are encouraged to enroll in multiple semesters throughout the year to maximize development.

We are now the largest toddler sports program in Michigan!

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Kelly Schodowski

Kelly Schodowski

Program Director

Phone: 586-224-1204