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Kickstart Families,

We understand that you may have questions regarding the recent Emergency Order under MCL 333.2253 imposed on the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services effective at 12:00am on Wednesday 11/18/2020.  We have done our best to provide our families with a safe environment this semester, providing cleaning and disinfecting of all training equipment hourly, separate entry and exit points, limiting spectators, etc. and will continue doing so for as long as necessary.  

The language of the Emergency Order as it pertains to ORGANIZED SPORTS does NOT encompass the Kickstart Toddler Soccer Program.   ‘Organized Sports’ by definition of the Emergency Order means: competitive athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and organized by a sports organizer.  Kickstart does not hold competitive matches or events.

Because of this, we will continue to operate classes on schedule with the following changes:

1.)  Total Soccer Fraser classes will be re-located to the large field during the effective Emergency Order (11/18 – 12/8) to improve social distancing for spectators.
2.)  All occupants MUST wear a face mask (not including toddlers ages 5 and under).  Those that have a medical condition that prevents them from doing so MUST verbalize that to our staff.  It can no longer be assumed.

We understand that not everyone will feel comfortable continuing during this ‘pause’ and based on our REFUND POLICY we can offer the following option to those people: 

  1.  Sit-out the 3 week ‘pause’ (effective 11/18 – 12/8) and resume the semester on 12/9 in which you will receive a 3 week credit towards any future semester.

*if you choose this option, you MUST email us @ prior to your child’s class this week specifying that you choose the ‘CREDIT’ option.  Emails that are received after the class start day/time will NOT be eligible for this credit as it will be assumed you will be continuing classes as scheduled. 


Please be reminded that REGARDLESS of the above, NO CHANGES will be effective until 12:00am on Wednesday 11/18/2020. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this difficult time.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 586.224.1204.

*Please click HERE for our COVID 19 Guidelines and Protocols


Why Soccer?

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Kickstart! Toddler Soccer was founded in 2010 by two coaches who shared a passion for the sport of soccer, but more importantly, a passion for kids.  While training soccer players to compete at the highest levels of the game, they recognized that the development of an athlete started soon after toddlers could get on two feet and begin to move.  They also understood that soccer was the perfect sport for beginning athletes because:

They could play it at the youngest age groups due to it's ease of understanding (run, kick, score), and the rules of the game are simple to learn and follow.  Soccer is also a great developer of key athletic attributes for other sports:  Speed, agility, quickness, balance, vision, creativity, fitness, and more. 

Because of this, they created a curriculum that focuses on toddlers learning how to refine their large motor skills while slowly introducing soccer fundamentals.  This is all done by participating in various FUN activities each class.

Each SEMESTER consists of 7 classes that meet ONCE PER WEEK.  
We have multiple locations, days, and times for you to choose from to make it convenient for your family.  

Because REPETITION is so important at these ages, SEMESTERS repeat throughout the year allowing your child to develop and grow with the program.  Players are encouraged to enroll in multiple semesters throughout the year to maximize development.

We are now the largest toddler sports program in Michigan!

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Kelly Schodowski

Kelly Schodowski

Program Director

Phone: 586-224-1204